Using Kelp Powder on Eggplants to Prevent Flea Beetles!

IMG_7431For years and years I’ve been frustrated and distraught dealing with flea beetles destroying my Eggplants. Flea Beetles cause the millions of tiny holes that can be-speckle eggplants seedlings to the point of killing them.

Mild Flea Beetle damage on an eggplant leaf.

Mild Flea Beetle damage on an eggplant leaf.

Flea Beetles are tiny and jump very far – I guess that why they are called Flea Beetles… even on cool mornings when insects tend to be a bit slower they are hard to squish.

This past spring I almost accidentally discovered something that really made a huge difference and kept the flea beetles off very well! I was using kelp powder as a soil amendment and decided to sprinkle a little over the still-damp leaves of my eggplants that were starting to get holey. Well – it worked – there was a huge decrease in damage to my eggplants!

So here’s a quick video of what I did … really simple! And safe and healthy for your garden at the same time!

A kelp-sprinkled Eggplant

A kelp-sprinkled Eggplant

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