Shaved and Buttered Golden Beets

IMG_6418Here’s a simple and easy recipe for a super-healthy and energizing side dish…

I also have made a batch of these beets, let it cool down, and then added it as a topping to a big salad. IMG_4011

Shaved and Buttered Golden Beets

(You can use any type of beet – I have used golden, classic red, and chiogga and they all come out wonderful.

1 large beet (good for two people)
1 scallion or spring onion or shallot*, sliced
1-2 tbsp butter (use grassfed organic butter for proper balance of essential fats)
salt and pepper to taste


*I really recommend using a shallot for this recipe of you can find one. It makes it absolutely delectable and perfect!


First, shred or julienne or grate the beet (be careful) – I used a Kuhn Rikon Julienne Mandoline.IMG_3322

Heat butter and sauté scallion or shallot until just getting soft. Add shredded beets and salt and pepper to taste. IMG_3318Cook until beets are nicely cooked down and soft. Taste and add more salt/pepper if necessary. And Enjoy! You will – it is addictively good!

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