Cucumber Spaghetti

Before the cucumbers slow down in production  – make some Cucumber Spaghetti!
This summer, we have been eating almost all of our cucumbers as “cucumber-spaghetti.” This is so easy and fast and simple – all you need is a julienne vegetable peeler – I use the OXO Good Grips one.

Start by cleaning your cucumbers:

Then simply peel or julienne them – watch your fingers.

I keep going until the seeds make the strips uneven and break:

Pile all the cucumber strips into a bowl with room to toss:

Then add salt and pepper, a dash of vinegar (I used Golden Balsamic), and a dash of extra virgin olive oil. I usually put in a pinch of cayenne flakes, but that’s optional. Toss and mix thoroughly. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes. The salt will encourage the cucumber to release its juices, filling every forkful with cucumbery goodness.

Before serving, toss and mix again. And serve!